Community Policies & Safety

At Pickle we want to challenge the stigma of asking for help. We aim to create a community where people are open and trusting of each other to reach out to someone else who is willing and able to help.

Pickle users use the app everyday to earn money, make new friends and be social while doing so. Pickle opens up the possibilities to share experiences, build friendships and collaborate with people from all over the word.

To ensure that the Pickle platform remains respectful, we thought we would establish some ground rules so you know what is expected of you and how to treat other members of the Pickle family. We want to create a fun, friendly and safe space that allows you to be yourself and meet like-minded people.


Here are some important guidelines for using Pickle:



It is important that you treat and speak to others, how you would want to be treated or spoken to.

  • Never threaten or intimidate other people on the app
  • Do not post jobs that aim to threaten to harm a person, group of people or property
  • We do not tolerate bullying or harassment on Pickle, do not use the app with the intention of making other people feel bad.
  • Do not post anything that would be considered discriminatory to other users sexist,  racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way to other users religion or sexual orientation.
  • We don’t tolerate bullying or harassment on Pickle



We all hate a Catfish, don’t lead other people on the app to believe you’re someone you’re not. As tempting as it is to fantasise that you’re a brand, celebrity or some beautiful person on social media… Let’s try not to yeah… Get it, got it, good!  


Don’t Post

  • Nude images of yourself or others
  • Pornographic or sexually explicit content
  • Images of others without seeking their permission
  • Job posts that advertise unlawful activities (shotting) or sexual services
  • Posts promoting eating disorders or encouraging other forms of self-injury such as cutting


Please do all you can to help us by reporting any users who don’t respect our community rules and disliking any job posts which break the guidelines to alert the members of our team.


On our Side

We understand that trust is a two-way street, we want our users to have as much trust in us as they do in each other. We take user security very importantly and we take these measures to ensure sure the app remains safe for all  users.

  • Phone number verification: Users have to sign up with their phone numbers before gaining access to the app
  • Social network verification: To be a verified user within Pickle, further security checks to your identity (social media or email) are carried out
  • Admin moderation: The Pickle team constantly comb through the app and remove any posts that break the community rules
  • Data Protection Act: All user personal information is protected by the Data Protection Act, so your information is safe with us 🙂
  • Paypal: All payments are processed through Paypal, meaning your transactions are protected by their returns policy
  • Brief My Buddy: Share your location with your friends or family if you’re going to do a job for someone else
  • Ratings: Users are rated out of five stars for completed jobs, which then appears on users’ profiles