At Pickle, we believe that brands are people, each one with its own unique voice. Our platform connects you to users that create engaging/socially charged and shareable content in your own voice that drives meaningful interaction with your brand. It revolves around our ethos of co-creation and collaboration.

Co-Creation and Collaboration

Every touch point within our app is built around social collaboration and co-creation. We believe in bringing people together to achieve something that someone wants or needs. That’s our definition of a job.

Our platform is targeted at Millennials and Gen Z’ers, specifically 16-25 year olds. They are digital natives who are socially charged and content driven.

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Our users are content creates who cultivate unique personal brands on social media, with friends and followers being their target audience. They instinctively know what their peers want to see; what it takes to get likes retweets and shares. They are dreamers, darers and most importantly they are doers.

This generation more than ever believes in associative marketing versus aspirational and for that reason are unresponsive to traditional marketing.

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Pickle and You

These consumers value experiences over ownership. They don’t want to just own your product, they want to be part of it, they want to co-create their brand experiences with you and share the process with everyone else.

Pickle connects you to people that are willing to engage with your brand voice, who are open to the possibilities of co-creation and are ready to collaborate to build content tailored to your needs.

The possibilities of how you can use Pickle are endless. Whether it’s generating viral video content, organising pop up parties, boosting IRL fan engagement… The only limit is  your imagination.

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The Pickle platform also allows users to post dares as jobs. Dares are cheeky little briefs that challenge people to bend the rules ‘just a little’ and create hilarious, engaging and shareable content.

It positions your brand in a playful/fun light and creates a light-hearted and relatable tone of voice. So get your hands stuck in with our users and dare them to interact with your!

The numbers

  • Content based marketing increases brand engagement conversion rates to 5x
  • 43% of the target audience will buy a product after sharing/liking/retweeting it on their social media pages. 50% of these sales will occur within a week or like of this and this jumps to 80% within 3 weeks.

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What’s in it for you

  • User Generated Shareable Content that sits within the specified marketing brief
  • Engaging video content for programmatic marketing
  • Real time interactivity between brand and users with real-life outcomes
  • Huge Return on Investment
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increase in conversions from user engagement
  • Insight and feedback from the user-base
  • Control over who completes the ‘jobs’