About Pickle

About Pickle

Q: What is Pickle?
A: Pickle connects those who Dream and Dare with those who can Do.

We believe that having ‘no experience’ should not limit your ability to make money, which is why we focus on jobs that anybody can do. Whether you want something done or are ready to accept a fun and bold challenge, the only limit is your imagination. So come on: Dream. Dare. Do.

Q: I can dare someone on Pickle?
A: Yup, you heard right. Perhaps you’re a charity looking for someone to pull off an outlandish stunt all in the name of a good cause. Maybe you and your flatmate want to settle a bet to see if it’s possible to get from Portsmouth to John O’Groats and back in a single day, but can’t find a stooge to take on your mission. Or maybe you just want to challenge a friend and go down a formal route to ensure the bet gets paid.

Q: What can you use pickle for?
A: Whatever you want… just keep it clean, we’re a family company! No matter how outlandish or seemingly mundane the task, find someone to do it for you. Car needs washing? School play crying out for a director? Corporate function demands a fire-breathing juggler? Remember: Dare. Dream. Do.

Q: Is Pickle available for Android?
A: At the moment you can only download pickle for iOS devices, however we’re working around the clock to bring Pickle to Android ASAP! Register your interest here and you’ll be the first to know when we drop Pickle for Andorid.

How to use Pickle

How to use Pickle

Q: What do I need to use Pickle?
A: The basics are a compatible device (an iPhone or iPad), an internet connection and a bank account.

Q: Where can I use Pickle?
A: Anywhere you like! Most of our users are in the US and UK, but we regularly have jobs posted on every continent!

Q: How does it work?

1. Download the app and fill in your details.
2. You’ll receive a verification code sent to your phone by SMS.
3. Enter this code in the Pickle verification field and tap ‘Send’.
4. When in the app enter your full name and add a recognisable photo of yourself (this will help you to get more credibility and jobs, rather than that drunk selfie from Cancun).
5. Tap ‘Save’.

Q. How can I receive job alerts?

1. On your profile go to ‘Job Tracker’ and set up the kinds of jobs you would like to be notified about, the distance you’d travel and the price range. If you don’t select any jobs, you will be notified about all kinds of jobs. If you select specific types of jobs, you will only receive notifications about those. Make sure the ‘Receive Job Match Alerts’ is on if you want to be notified as soon as a job that matches your criteria is posted on Pickle.
2. Save the new settings and that’s it: you’re ready to go! This is very much the ‘Do’ part of Dream. Dare. Do.

Q: What is the difference between accepting and negotiating on a job?
A: Accepting a job means you are agreeing to do the job within the time frame and for the advertised price. Negotiating means that you can change your offer to provide the service that the customer would like from you. Reckon the job is worth more than they’re willing to pay? Negotiate a higher price. Want to undercut the competition to ensure you get selected? Negotiate down a little bit.

Q: Can I accept more than one job at the same time?
A: Yes, although it’s down to you to complete tasks as agreed.

Q: Does the fee include the price of goods?
A: When posting a job you can define how much you are willing to pay someone to get it done. This is the job fee. If they’re buying something for you, you should also add in goods and set the respective price. If the person doing the job ends up spending more or less than what you had defined, it’s fine. When the job is completed you’ll have the chance to update the value of the goods to reflect what was actually spent, before paying them.

Q: What if I can’t afford to post a job?
A: In the words of a great philosopher—OK fine, Jessie J—sometimes “it’s not about the money, money, money” because certain things in life don’t need a price tag. So if you need a little help with something and don’t have the money to pay for it, set the price point within the app to free and someone out there will be willing to help out with your task!

Q: Can I use Pickle full-time?
A: You could – it really is up to you. After all, if you’re successful enough, you could make Pickle a profession and become your own boss. You could be a professional Pickler (we just made that term up, but we like it). So whether you want to work from home, or to use us to take on part-time gigs, take on after school jobs or find part time jobs or even become a full-time Pickler… you decide how to use Pickle, we just connect you to the opportunities.

Q: How can I change my password?

1. Logout of the app, though your profile (Profile -> Settings -> logout).
2. On the home screen page, tap the ‘Sign up’ button and type in the phone number you had previously registered with.
3. You should get a verification code by text. Enter the verification code when prompted to do so
4. Fill out your name, email and password.

Voila! You’re done! Your previous Pickle activity history is still linked to your account 🙂

Q. What are things to remember when posting a Dream or Dare?

1. Think of something you want done or want to see happen. And remember: no task is too great or small to ask for!
2. Click “Post” and confirm your address or the address where the dream/dare is taking place.
3. Enter a title and job description.
4. Fill in the time and date you need the job done by.
5. Enter how much you’re willing to pay.
6. Are there any goods involved? If so, put a rough guesstimate so that the other users know (and don’t worry: you can edit this amount when completing payment).
7. Pick a category and post. That’s it!

You’re up for the challenge. Now what?!

Who can use Pickle

Who can use Pickle?

Q: Can anyone use pickle?
A: Yep! Simply download the app and create an account. And absolutely anyone can use it. You. Your mum. Your Auntie Patricia. You don’t have an Auntie Patricia? That’s a shame. Auntie Patricia is the best. The. Best.

Q: How old do you have to be to use Pickle?
A: As long as you’re older than 13 and have your parents’ consent if under 16.

Q: Can I use Pickle even though I already have a job?
A: Yes, but it’s up to you to keep your own boss happy.



Q: Is it secure?
A: Of course! Let us list the many reasons why:

1. When you download the Pickle app and create your account you need to verify your phone number;
2. When you post or accept your first job, you’re requested to connect to PayPal who run their own verification system;
3. Users are rated for the work they’ve done;
4. You can opt to only deal with verified users that have a Verified Badge – these have been personally checked by us;
5. We personally check every job that is posted and proceed to delete jobs that do not respect Pickle’s guidelines;
6. You can use the Brief My Buddy option to notify your friends and family of your whereabouts;
7. If you’re unsure about a job, you can contact us so that we can help;
7. Nope, that’s it! Just checking if you’re still here. Your attention span is positively impressive!

Q: Why do I have to rate or be rated?
A: That way, you’re helping Pickle’s users find the best people for a job. For example, if you’re a master joiner, then the Pickle community deserves to know how wonderful you are. Or if you’ve creosoted someone’s shed and produced the finest spot of paintwork since Michelangelo looked at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and thought, “Time for action,” then the world needs to know.

Q: How do I see my own rating?
A: Go to your profile and underneath your name is your average rating.

Q: I don’t have a rating, how can I build my rating and trust?
A: Be patient, young Padawan. It will happen. You might like to complete free jobs initially, purely to win customers and build up a rating that way.

Q: Why do I need to enter my telephone number at the beginning?
A: This is from a security perspective – you will receive an SMS with a code in order to sign up to Pickle.

Q: What does the blue tick on a user profile picture mean?
A: This is a Verified User badge. You can apply to be a verified user by going to your profile and selecting the “Verify Me” button. This means that the Pickle team will check you are who you say you are. Then you’ll get a shiny blue badge, leaving people safe in the knowledge that your account is more trusted.



Q: How do payments work?
A: Payments are processed through PayPal. When you first attempt to negotiate or accept a job, you will be asked to login to your PayPal account, or to sign up for one if you haven’t already. PayPal is a third party payment platform which Pickle uses. Learn more at: https://www.paypal.com/signin.

Q: Can anyone create a PayPal account?
A: Yes, anyone can create a PayPal account – as long as you hold a bank account. You hold a bank account? Well, you’re in luck, mate.

Q: How do I connect with PayPal?
A: To make a payment, you will need a PayPal account. You will be redirected to a secure form to create a PayPal account (if you do not already have one). When this is done, you will be redirected back to Pickle automatically. You’re now tantalisingly close to dreaming, daring and doing….

Q: How can I verify my PayPal account?
A: To ensure you get paid on time it’s a good idea to verify your PayPal account. You can do so by confirming your bank account details as well as your credit/debit card information.

Q: I need to change the bank account that my Pickle account is connected to – how do I do this?

1. Log in to your PayPal account – you can do so here: https://www.paypal.com/signin.
2. Click the “Link a Bank Account or Card” button
3. Here you can choose which account your money comes from, or add a new account

Q: What if my payments fail?
A: Should a payment fail, a job will not be deemed complete or it will be cancelled. Ensure your PayPal account has the right information or that your card is still valid and try again. If the issue persists, send us an email to info@wearepickle.com.

Q: How does Pickle make money?
A: We take 10% commission from each user on every job completed.

When things don’t go as planned

When things don’t go as planned…

Q: I am late for a job, what happens?
A: Heck, sometimes life kicks us in the pants. As long as a sufficient reason is given and both parties reach an agreement, you will not be reviewed for that particular task. Also, if you are late, speak to your Customer and agree to another deadline.

Q: What if the job doesn’t go as planned?
A: If either party is unhappy, and things can’t be agreed upon between both users, our moderation team will help everyone come to a mutual agreement.

Q: My job has a red exclamation mark on it and I can’t do anything – what does this mean?
A: This means that the job is under moderation. This is where the Pickle team investigates the job and if we can find a solution where both users are happy, we will open the job for you to complete, otherwise the job will be closed.

Q: I need to cancel, what happens?
A: A 30 per cent cancellation fee applies. Come on. Fair’s fair.

Q: Why do I have to pay a cancelation fee?
A: Well, nobody likes a flake, and we need to have rules with Pickle. We’re helpful, but it wouldn’t be much of an app without some boundaries.

Q: What happens to the cancellation fee?
A: If the person who posted the job cancels, it goes to the person who was supposed to do it. If the person supposed to do the job cancels, it goes to the person who posted it. It’s a way of saying sorry and making it up to them.

Q: I need to report someone. What should I do?
A: You can report the user on job completion or simply get in touch with us.



Q: Do I have to share on Facebook/Twitter?
A: Well, we obviously can’t make you. However, as the great Jerry Maguire once said, “Help me, help you.” So share your jobs on social media, and, if you’ve enjoyed the experience, tell your friends and family! What’s more, if you’ve just undertaken a frankly bizarre task, you probably want to show off about it (let’s be honest: social media is often a modern way of showing off). The more you can spread the word about the wonder of Pickle, the more jobs can get done, and the more people that are aware of Pickle, the more we will be able to make everyone’s lives easier. Now, hold hands everybody and sing: “We are the world, we are the children…”

Q: What if I can’t find a category that I want to put a job under?
A: We’ll try to accommodate all of your requests, within reason. Furniture tester might be a real thing (go on, look it up, we’ll wait), but only broader job categories will make the cut. Share your needs and suggestions by writing to info@wearepickle.com.

Q: I am addicted! Is there a helpline?
A: No. But there is an app. Pickle! Find someone who can help you talk through your addiction. Was that helpful? It wasn’t? Oh, sorry. No, there’s not a helpline. Although we question whether you can get addicted to having your life made easier.


Now seriously, if you have any questions, feedback or need help using Pickle, please email us at info@wearepickle.com. We’d love to hear from you!


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