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"Pickle is here to help you get out of a pickle!"
10 Lifehack Apps And Web Services That'll Make You Better At Life
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"It's a brilliant way of earning some extra pocket money by doing the jobs other users have listed."
"Best Find"
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"My best find, however, is an app called Pickle, which allows users to post any job. I put up two, “Can anyone fix my vintage record player?” and “Can someone go to Homebase?”. Within minutes, two people have replied...."
Pickle App Lets People Pay You to Do Dares
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"Pickle also bills itself as a way for users to make new friends; they can find someone else to play tennis with them, for instance, or join them in another of their hobbies."


Whatever you want (keep it clean. We’re a family company). No matter how outlandish or seemingly mundane the task, find someone to do it for you. Car needs washing? School play crying out for a director? Corporate function demands a fire-breathing juggler? Remember: Dare. Dream. Do.

Yup, you heard right. Perhaps you’re a charity looking for someone to pull off an outlandish stunt all in the name of a good cause. Maybe you and your flatmate want to settle a bet to see if it’s possible to get from Portsmouth to John O’Groats and back in a single day, but can’t find a stooge to take on your mission. Or you want to challenge a friend and go down a formal route to ensure the bet gets paid!

As long as you’re older than 13, hold a bank account and have your parents’ consent if under 16.

Well, how else are you going to get paid!?

So you’ve seen a job that you think you would totally smash, what next? When you have decided to take the plunge on your first job, you’ll be asked to connect to your Paypal account, this is so that we are able to pay money into your account when you have completed a job and to take money out should you ever need someone to do something for you.

Don’t worry though, we will never take money out of your account without your permission.

Don’t have a Paypal account? click on the sign-up button within the app screen.

  • Visit on your phone’s browser and download Pickle (granted, you’ll be on our website if you’re reading this, so feel free to share the information). Select iOS or Android, depending on your mobile phone’s make and model, then just follow these steps:
  • 1. Enter your information and tap ‘Send’.
  • 2. You will receive a verification code sent to your phone by SMS.
  • 3. Enter this code in the Pickle verification field and tap ‘Send’.
  • 4. When in the app enter your full name and add a recognisable photo of yourself (this will help you to get more credibility and jobs, rather than that picture from Corfu).
  • 5. Tap ‘Save’.
  • 1. On your profile go to ‘Job Tracker’ and set up the kinds of jobs you would like to be notified about, the distance you’d travel and the price range. If you don’t select any jobs, you will be notified about all kinds of jobs. If you select specific types of jobs, you will only receive notifications about those. Make sure the ‘Receive Job Match Alerts’ is on if you want to be notified as soon as a job that matches your criteria is posted on Pickle.
  • 2. Save the new settings and that’s it: you’re ready to go! This is very much the ‘Do’ part of Dream. Dare. Do.
  • That way, you’re helping Pickle’s users find the best people for a job. For example, if you’re a master joiner, then the Pickle community deserves to know how wonderful you are. Or if you’ve creosoted someone’s shed and produced the finest spot of paintwork since Michelangelo looked at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and thought, “Time for action,” then the world needs to know.
  • and add a recognisable photo of yourself (this will help you to get more credibility and jobs, rather than that picture from Corfu).

When posting a job you can define how much you are willing to pay someone to get it done. This is the job fee. If they’re buying something for you, you should also add in goods and set the respective price. If the person doing the job ends up spending more or less than what you had defined, it’s fine. When the job is completed you’ll have the chance to update the value of the goods to reflect what was actually spent, before paying them.

Be patient, young Padawan. It will happen. You might have to be prepared to lower your rates initially, purely to win customers and build up a rating that way.

We are still a young company and are working hard to spread the word, however, you could help us spread the word by telling all your friends and family about Pickle. The more people on Pickle, the better it becomes for everyone.